You’re worth it

Sseveral people inquiring about R+F recently have asked me the same couple of questions. So I’m going to throw out my honest thoughts for you…..

1️⃣ Use a full regimen. I have tons of happy customers who use a bit of this and a bit of that, but if you want truly impressive results, go all the way. And, use your products consistently. Stop with the skimping. You’re worth it.

2️⃣ Try the Hydration Serum. It’s the best thing since sliced bread – AND – everyone needs Lash Boost. Seriously.

3️⃣ Skip retail. Save 10% and get free shipping. Why wouldn’t you simply save money with no future purchasing commitments?!

4️⃣ It’s not cheap. Duh. Few awesome things are!  Keep in mind the Regimens (3-4 products) last 3+ Months and give clinically proven results!

Just can’t swing the cost? Be a consultant. With 3-5 customers, you can cover your own skincare costs AND make some extra $$ each month. That was my goal originally.

5️⃣ Eye cream is a must have if you are over the age of 18. Stop kidding yourself. ?

6️⃣ Microdermabrasion Paste. Yes. Just YES. It’s the one thing that gives a visible difference after one time. We aren’t into miracle potions, but this is close.

7️⃣ Before/After pics. Do it. It’s pretty cool to see the transformation. Plus, if you submit them, you could win a free regimen ??

8️⃣ 60-day, $$ back guarantee. Not rocket science. Not world peace. Just try.

If you’ve read this far, you’re definitely curious. Start counting 5…4…3…2…1…and call/message me. It’ll take less than 5 minutes to see if this is right for you.  ? #youareworthit