Testing Radiant Defense

Imperfections …what imperfections.  If you have skin it’s likely that at least once you have had skin imperfections when you least expected it or wanted it.  Often we reach for concealers, foundations, BB creams, CC creams, you name it, we’ve all probably tried it.

When Rodan + Fields launched their latest innovative product that claimed to be the last step for everyone’s skincare regime.  A glow guard that also protects and perfects.  This new Perfecting Liquid is about letting the radiant skin you’ve achieved with your R+F regimen shine through. 

I am not a makeup person but for you guys and gals I’ll give it a try, especially because as an R+F consultant I get the products at the lowest possible price and first.  

? 1: freshly washed face using my Redefine regimen
? 2: Radiant Defense in beige
? 3: added Radiant Defense in shell under the eye, lip Renewing Serum and some mascara

Less than 5 minutes start to finish and I’m ready for a full day of meeting people, going to meetings & commuting in whatever the weather throws at me! ?

What does it do? It defends our skin in multiple ways against:
☀️ UVA/UVB rays
? a barrier defense against moisture loss
? environmental factors like climate and pollution

It won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. It’s amazing for all skin types and colors. The best part:
?? it improves our skin as we wear it
?? it is super lightweight
?? I don’t notice I’m wearing it but everyone has commented how great my face looks today
?? I don’t feel like I have a huge layer of makeup on, because I don’t
??it stays out all day long

Here’s my Radiant Defense close-up!

I took these photos at 7am this morning in my bathroom. It is now 4:30pm and I’m still loving the look. I don’t feel overly made up, or caked in makeup (good thing too as this isn’t makeup and I hate that feeling of super thick foundation on my face). I have another hour or so in the office before heading to a ladies networking event and I don’t feel the need for any touch ups or reapplication…WINNING!

If you ever wear foundation/tinted moisturiser/BB or CC creams then I would highly recommend you take a look at this new product. I’m converted. It comes in 6 blendable shades, perfect for every skin tone/colour and it is available now to purchase HERE or take advantage of the limited time launch offer and buy it with your new favourite skincare regimen!!


Or if you’re after a more glam look, you can contour, apply a thicker layer and go all out on your eyes and brows.  I’m fortunate that my friend and business partner Meaghan is also an incredibly talented makeup artist and can work magic with the right products.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this final look.  She used the Radiant Defense in beige, shell for highlighting and under the eye and the light Mineral Peptides Powder, alongside some false eye lashes, eye make up and a slick of the most yummy mauve lip stick.

Perfect your skin or to learn how you can have a piece of our entry into this new $6B tinted facial product category get in touch ASAP!

Learn More: Radiant Defense


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