First time mum’s opinion

My idea of skincare was a hungover face rub in the shower before cleaning off the mascara runs and reapplying.
Since watching my sister explore the R&F range I’ve been converted. Not through some desire to be a make-up caked beauty, but to in-still skin confidence: make the best of yourself, don’t cover up.

The worlds getting smoggier, hotter brighter- I can’t tell you how many smoothies I chug down a week to keep my insides fresh, now it’s time to help out the old pores and eye bags.

The R&F range is pretty simple: clean, refresh, moisturise and protect

The whole process fits into my normal routine of in-shower cleaning and post-shower dry off.

For me, the favourite are the eye creams. Day and night these have different effects.  The REDEFINE Multifunction Eye Cream packed full of peptides to work its magic on those laughter lines and puffiness while I try to sleep between baby feedings and the ENHANCEMENTS Bright Eye Complex to hydrate the delicate under eye area, with the added benefits of caffeine and brighteners to help me say bye bye to mum eyes and make me look like the other yummy mummies at baby and me coffee time.

Plus having Siobhan tell you how and when to use each one is like having your very own dermatologist to tailor make your skin care routine – if you can call 3
Mins a routine!

On a boy note, my partner is a terrible lip biter and has often got very sore looking cracks and cuts. Those silver pearls are AMAZING!! Literally one application at night time and he wakes with Prince Charming lips- and he doesn’t even the feel ‘stuff’ on his lips because he’s sleeping.

Win win!!

R&F, empowering women to be women, whoever you’d like that woman to be.

Make up free on Sunday morning. 4 month old babies = Minimal mummy make up. Now I don’t care!!??

Thank you to our guest contributor today Pippa Lennox, yes she’s my sister but she’s also super honest and won’t hold back any punches if she think something is over-hyped and a waste of time and money.