Virtual Book Club

RF Empower & KaliDesautelsReads Present Virtual Book Club

What happens when two strangers meet at random in a Facebook group? Why, they start a Book Club, of course!

In 2016, I started KaliDesautelsReads as a way to introduce people to books that they may have not otherwise read, by posting reviews of books that I had read. As my confidence grew, I began to open up about my ”causes célèbres” – female empowerment, social justice, and mental health awareness.

 This ultimately led me to read an amazing, inspiring book called Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, and I joined a forum on Facebook for fans of her book. In this group, I noticed a post from Leni asking for some reading suggestions, and I put my hand up and directed her to my Instagram, where she proceeded to quickly ”like” a bunch of my reviews. This resulted in us having a telephone conversation and discovered that we live not more than an hour away from each other. I don’t know if you believe in Kismet or the Universe, or what have you, but to me, that feel a little like fate. As our conversation continued, in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, a kinship formed through a collection of ”oh my gosh! ME, TOO!!”s. At one point, Leni laughed and said ”we should form a Book Club”, which struck me as a remarkably good idea. We proceeded to text and talk and eventually came up with a plan for 12 months of awesome personal growth books, that would fall into the tradition of my blogosphere, and Leni’s goals to empower women right here in RF Empower! Our inaugural book was the book that brought us together, Girl, Wash Your Face, and from there we have a significant list of exciting books coming over the next year, and hopefully beyond.
It may seem strange for two women who have never met in real life to form something as intimate as a book club, but honestly, isn’t that what social media is meant to do, at its core? It is meant to bring people together, who would never have met otherwise? I am so grateful to have met Leni in this way, and am excited for the future of our book club.
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