Riding High

After yesterday’s wonderful news I have spent today floating around with my head in the sky, despite being at work for most of the day. It’s not that I don’t like work, it was just hard to concentrate after receiving my final exam results yesterday.

I battled on though and stuck to the plan. No snacks (just the grapes and dry cereal I had packed this morning). I had planned to eat leftovers from taco Wednesday (filled with homegrown kale & bok choi) but my team surprised and took me for a lovely lunch at Joe Fortes. I choose the most decades lobster and shrimp sandwich. I’m pretty sure the roll had been dipped in lobster oil first (so good). I kept telling myself it was ok though because it came with a side salad drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette dressing (well that must be healthy). This was amazing by the way and I do not regret a single bite, delicious, but note to self that it should not be consumed daily. Who am I kidding!

Well, to make up for it I barely sat down all afternoon and instead paced around the office and took the long way for every task. After work, I quickly changed into my sports gear and headed down to the building’s gym.
Lucky me, I had it all to myself after 10 minutes. I should have taken a photo for you all but I honestly was so engrossed in my work out I forgot, sorry.
I worked my way through the various rehab exercises (see previous post) and then threw in a few arm movements with 5lb and 10lb Dumbbells for good measure before power walking home in the rain without a jacket (one day the forecast will be right ??☔)
No slacking here.

P.S. mrbrewvan and I finally settled on a date for our post-wedding open house. We eloped in March and our friends have wanted to celebrate ever since, so we finally settled on mid-August for an open house on our deck. Invitation got emailed out this evening and now we just need the west coast to start drying up in time. I’m sure there will be future posts on party planning progress. Especially as we are also planning a New Years Eve reception in the UK for our family and friends over there. Eek!! And we thought we had avoided all of this when we eloped, oops.