New Month, So Much More!!

New month brings so many New opportunities!

That sounds so cliched right?  I kind of agree with you but I also love the start of a new month in the same way that I love Monday’s.  To me it’s a subtle sign to take a moment and look back and then reset how I want the next week or month to look.

This is especially true in September, because traditionally September was the start of a new school year. Anything can happen during the course of the school year. No need to wait for January and the start of a new calendar year.

In my career I find that all my clients come back from enjoying their summer holidays and the pressure increases as everyone tries to wrap up and complete all of the deals they are working on before the Financial year end. Things start to get a little more exciting and happen at a faster pace, you can feel the increased excitement in the air.

In my own personal business September is our annual convention. Taking place this year in stunning New Orleans, sadly I can not attend in person as it’s the same week as my Bar Call Ceremony (a once in a life time event to walk across a stage and be inducted into the legal family here in British Columbia) but thanks to being part of a modern forward thinking and innovative organization I won’t miss a thing at convention 2018. Instead I can participate through #RFVirtual from the comfort of my sofa. I’ll get to attend break out sessions, watch all of the key note speakers including Rachel Hollis, number one best selling author of “Girl Wash Your Face”, PR maverick, podcast host, momma, wife and all round virtual bestie (I feel like she’s told me so much of herself in her books, blog, podcasts that we would be besties “if” we met), author Mel Robbins of “The 5 Second Rule”, TedX Speaker

Also I won’t miss out on Mario Lopez (Slater from Saves by the Bell) hosting our masquerade gala award night with exclusive live concert from the Kelly Clarkson!!! Instead I’ll be sat on my sofa in my favourite pj’s wearing a gorgeous Venetian mask with a cup of tea cheering on my friends and colleagues as they take to the red carpet and some of them to the stage to be recognized for all of their achievements in the last 12 months!!

Also I almost forgot to mention the doctors will be unveiling a brand new product and revealing where in this big beautiful world we are expanding to next!!

So freaking excited for this month and all of the new opportunities ahead!  September really is the month of MORE! More Excitement, More Confidence, More Connections, More You and the doctors are bringing More Innovation, More Solutions and More life-changing results (told you this new month thing is full of cliches).

Want to take a slice of this ever growing pie? I am always on the look out for motivated, entrepreneurs or wanna be’s who are looking for a mentor to guide them through starting their own virtual global franchise and producing an extra income or replacing their traditional income all while working from anywhere they are. If this is you, let’s talk ASAP so that you can take advantage of all these new and exciting times and make some serious extra money before the start of the new calendar year!!