My Skincare Journey

What people do in the comfort of their own bathrooms is a very personal and oft untalked about topic, unless it is the start of a joke.  However when we think about skincare it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter.  But who should you believe?  Well that is the million dollar question.

From my own personal experience I feel like I’ve read every magazine article, seen every tv special and tried every product out there… and I still haven’t find the products that worked for my skin.  So when a friend told me about some new products she was using, and I  had physically seen her own fantastic results, why was I so skeptical to give them a try, after all I’d tried everything else.

After more than 6 months of consistently following my friend on facebook and seeing her continued success with these products I started to think, why am I so hesitant to try what my friend is openly raving about.

Maybe because the products were being sold by an MLM rather than in a regular, traditional, bricks and mortar store.  Maybe because the only place I was seeing these products talked about was on facebook and instagram by friends and friends of friends.

Just before Christmas 2016 my husband MrBrewVan and I were about to jet off to the UK to spend the holidays with my family and also celebrate our recent wedding with a huge party on New Years Eve.  This same friend I mentioned gave me a Christmas card and in the envelope was a little bag full of these tiny silver capsules.  I was to find out these capsules would become my best friend.  I have super dry lips and they dry out, crack and start bleeding in no time.  This is even worse when I travel on an airplane, all that re-circulated air, travelling at altitude is so drying for all of my skin but especially my lips.

This flight was no different.  My lips were drying out, despite the constant sips of water I was taking.  Then MrBrewVan reminded me about those little silver capsules I’d thrown into my carry on to bring with me.  I popped the top of the capsule off and squeezed this silky clear serum and applied it to my lips.  It felt soooo good, slightly cooling and just a little bit sticky.  The sticky feeling disappeared quickly and it didn’t leave my lips feeling sticky (like so many lip treatments can).  Best of all within just a couple of days that crack that had open up and bled was fully healed, just in time for the endless photos we were snapped in over the holiday and at the wedding party.

That one product and my own results gave me an A-HA moment.  I needed to try more of these products.


So a long story short, MrBrewVan and I returned from the UK and I used my annual bonus to purchase a business kit that contained more products than I knew what to do with.  Why did I do this?  Because by the time I’d costed out all of the different products we both wanted to try, a kit worked out cheaper and then we’d get to save money on any other products we bought in the future.  Interested in trying something?  Try the Skincare Solution Tool and I’ll send you a mini facial to try for yourself.