Taking Control

For the last little bit I have been focusing on taking control. Mainly I focused on my fitness, diet (by this I don’t mean some crazy get skinny quick, but rather a sustainable healthier eating mentality) and stress. But now I am happy to say I am taking control of my skin care regime.
Like a lot of people I suffered from SPOTS, ZITS whatever you want to call them as child, teen, early 20’s. then magically they got fewer and fewer by me not really doing anything. No I’m serious I really stopped doing anything, I gave up using every product you can lay your hands on at Boots/London Drugs/Body Shop/Lush/Selfridges etc and just left my skin alone, after years of trying every product out there. Now as I hit my mid-30’s they are back and coincide with hormonal changes and inbalances. Not an unusual story at all but I am done!! No longer will my mood, what I wear or how I feel be ruled by my skin. I am taking control.
For the last couple of months I have been experimenting with Rodan+Fields lovely products courtesy of my gorgeous girl Jamie. What a difference I have seen in a very short time. My skin glows, yes really it glows! I started using the microdermabrasion paste, because who doesn’t love getting to sloff away dead skin cells to reveal sparkly glowing skin hidden underneath daily grime and winter crusty skin cells. I even have to hide this little micro pot as my husband can’t keep his sticky fingers out of it. At least once a week I find him humming away to himself in the bathroom as he buffs his face with this miracle pot.

Next up was a teeny tiny sample pot of eye cream goodness. That helps turn tires overworked eyes into shining peepers for all to see and comment on.
Finally, I got a wee Christmas gift of little capsules of lip renewing serum. I have been struggling through this never-ending winter we are experiencing in Vancouver with dry cracking and bleeding lips. Yes, you read that write bleeding and oh so painful that kissing is out. So when Jess capsules arrived I thought why not, desperate times, desperate measures. Oh my goodness, I cannot describe the difference of one application. I slathers my cracked and bleeding lips in the soft and silky and not perfumed goodness and my husband hasn’t stopped commenting on how good my lips are. They must be good he sneaks in for kisses all the time, lol
So that’s it I am officially hooked and am very proud to say I have joined one of the largest, fastest growing and successful R+F teams around and under Steph Godoy & my favorite gal Jamie T.
I’ll keep you posted with photos, tips and tricks and updates on my story of #takingcontrol of my #skincare.
If you have any questions about the products please feel free to message me as I’d love to talk to you.  I’m even going to use my husband to demo the men’s skin care line, because who doesn’t the want the men in their life to have equally great skin.


This is a legit money back guarantee, no questions asked!
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