Books you just don’t like

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, there is a book that you just cannot get into. Maybe it’s the style it’s written in, maybe it’s the font size, maybe it’s the physical size of the book, or maybe just maybe the content isn’t right for you at that particular moment.

It doesn’t mean that this book won’t be the perfect book for you one day, but today is not that day.

I co-host a virtual book club with a new friend, who I met because of a book we both love, click HERE to meet my co-host Kali. In September we chose to read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Have you heard of the book? Have you heard of Eat Pray Love? Maybe you saw the movie starring Julia Roberts. Well they were both written by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now I quite enjoyed the movie Eat Pray Love. I mean I’ve only seen it once, which means I thought it really was just OK but I didn’t hate it and didn’t feel like I’d wasted precious time watching it that I will never be able to get back (trust me there are movies where I feel like that). So, I thought ok let’s give this book a go. After all it’s been critically acclaimed and talked about by many people. From the opening page it just didn’t click with me but I kept persevering because my mum tells me you have to read 100 pages of a book before you give up. I honestly tried! No, I really did. But after it took me 2 weeks to make it through 30 pages, even cleaning the bathroom was more appealing than reading, I gave up.


I feel bad because I really didn’t give this book a fair chance but I honestly believe it isn’t meant for me right now. I’m going to keep the book on my “to read pile” and try again in the new year when maybe just maybe it will be the right time for me to hear what this book has to say.

Are there any books you tried to read and just couldn’t, but eventually you came back to it and really enjoyed it? I’d love to hear what they were.

Ps if you want to join Virtual Book Club click HERE as Kali and RF Empower would love to have you join us and 200+ book worms from around the world.