Being Accountable

Here’s is a post from September 2015 that I wrote but never actually posted, it’s funny how I had all the intentions but they didn’t quite work out, still I keep coming back to them.

AccountabilityWe’ve probably all heard it a thousand times but if you want to achieve a goal you have to be accountable for it and the best motivator is to go for public accountability.
Whether it’s to reach a goal weight, hit snooze one less time in a morning, get the 7:55 bus rather than the 8:05 or in my case make a commitment to my fitness goals.
I am the sort of person who needs a goal to aim for, otherwise I loose motivation and just stop. Not because I don’t see results but I just don’t have a target.
So with this in mind and a new month (and it being my birthday month) just around the corner, I am going to make a very public (well to anyone who reads my random verbal dhaiorea of musings) commitment to my fitness.

For the next 12 months I will:

1) go to kick boxing at #30MinuteHitVancouver at least twice a week. (Bob needs me)2) continue to run at least twice a week, working on form and breathing
3) go to yoga at #theMatYogaVancouver every Saturday I am in town and there is a scheduled class. My body needs the stretch Anchi puts it through and my mind needs the quiet time her class allows it.
4) I also commit to using every session I have on my OnePass to go swimming and use the hot tub after as my reward
Ok there you have it Leniproof has set her goals and now has 12 months to work on them, the only caveat is if I am out of town it doesn’t count and no week can substitute another week.
I also make one further commitment…to post at least one new blog post a week. It’s no good to just keep drafts in the notes app on my phone or worse in draft on WordPress. It’s time to stop doubting myself and just put my words on the page, with or without photos.

Update (July 16, 2016):

I’m very excited to say I stuck with my commitment until race weekend at the Arizona RnR race. At the is race Mr. Leniproof and some of our running friends ran the 5k on the Saturday and the half marathon (21.1k or 13.1m) on the Sunday. I had been so good up until this race sticking to my commitment with running, yoga and food, despite all of the studying I was doing.
After the race I took a break from running, my first break in over 3 years. I kept telling myself it was temporary so that I had more time to study but then I wrote my last exam in May and I’d fallen off the band wagon with everything (except yoga, that stuck). I’d gone up one dress size verging on needing to go up again. None of my clothes fit and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I went to the Physio to get a new workout program for weekend warriors and instead found out my body is out of alignment and rehab started. Now here I am recommitting to my goals. This time I am trying to keep my goals more specific and I hope to incorporate them into mine and Mr. Leniproof’s lifestyle in such a way that they just become routine and we don’t ha e to think about it.