The Daily Sweat

What is it about September that makes us want to start over? Well here it is September 12, 2016 and I am starting a 30 day Daily Sweat challenge. 


This is a free challenge that gives you a daily email full of encouragement, a daily exercise and a mindfulness pointer. Then there is a Facebook group where everyone can share their progress and provide encouragement and accountability (you all know how I love some accountability).

Today’s challenge was to get 30 minutes of activity however you can fit it in (it doesn’t have to be in one go), drink a smoothie and complete 10 minutes of Turkish Get Ups (TGU). 

There was no holding back for this challenge, straight off the bat and we are doing devil exercises. 

I got my 30 minutes of activity in no problem by going to a 30 Minute Hit session when I woke up. 

Post HIT sweaty selfie 

Fitbit says I did really well today 

fitbit screen shot 

I even grabbed a smoothie from booster juice on my way into work (funky monkey with a warrior booster).
Now all I have to do are the devil exercises. 

My mantra for today 

Well I got 6 minutes done before my broken body just couldn’t keep going but I am not giving up. I am going to keep trying TGUs until I can complete a full 10 minutes of the full thing and one day I’ll even do them with a kettle bell in hand 🙂 

TGU 0.5 – Leni 0.5 

Thank you Arianna for encouraging me to do this challenge with you.