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Siobhan Sunday’s – Special Occasion  

Sorting through kitchen cupboards, clearing out the items we never use and I looked at all of the fancy glasses that we save for that “special occasion” 

But every time we think we have a special occasion we decide it’s not special enough and put them back in the cupboard to gather dust. 

It reminded me of a post my friend and business colleague and fellow business owner in Australia, Katrina Vagg put on her Facebook wall. 


Go to that restaurant mid-week, have your cuppa in the fine china, wear that special outfit to your home office, spend your hard earned money on experiences…every single day is special <3 

 Every day is a blessing and should be celebrated because life is short, far shorter than we realise until it’s too late. 

 So don’t sacrifice enjoying those special occasion things. Go do it and enjoy life.