…Sticking With It

Day 1 started off so well but by the end of the day, my body just didn’t feel right. I felt lopsided once again (a problem I have been suffering with for apparently a very long time). I left work late so didn’t have time to squeeze in my rehab exercises in my office buildings gym, so instead I headed over to the Physio and used the 15 minutes I had before my appointment to do my exercises. Ouch!!!

After some intense rib stacking and Graston type rehab I finally felt in alignment once again.
Diagnosis = probably came back a bit too soon. Kickboxing circuit will have to wait a few more days.
Day 2 dawned and a steady day was had at work, with minor snacking. Every time I reached for a “treat” I grabbed my water bottle instead. I heard somewhere (no idea where) that often times, when we think we are hungry we’re actually thirsty, so I’m trying to put that into practice and drink more water. So far it’s working and my water intake is steadily creeping up.

I had a dinner date with two of my girlfriends at Minami. Wow!! The food did not disappoint, I am royally full right now.
I got in at a decent time so decided to throw on a DVD and do my rehab exercises. I am happy to report I got them all done and now I have that post workout ache in parts of my body.

Here are the exercises I am doing at the moment.


It looks like a lot but I can actually get them all done in about 30 minutes. The best part is that you really don’t need a lot of equipment. (Please do not try any of these exercises unless you have spoken to a professional, I don’t want anyone to injure themselves). All I have is a soft tennis ball, some theraband from the Physio, a roller and soon I will have a coregeous ball (but you could use a slightly deflated soft football).

Now I ache so off to bed I go. Day 3 is quickly approaching. Good night.