Starting Over – Day 1

Monday morning and the alarm rudely woke me up at 6:30am, but instead of turning over and hitting snooze I bounced out of bed.

I quickly got dressed and headed to the gym. Wrapped my hands and wrists with these ridiculously long pieces of material and logged in ready to start day 1! (Click on the link for instructions for how to wrap your hands, there are other ways but so far I like this way)

30 Minute Hit is a kickboxing circuit class. The beauty for me is that there are no fixed class times, instead, you show up at any time during the open hours, sign in using an apple touchscreen monitor on the wall, and the screen shows you how long you have to wait before your circuit begins. Even on a busy day, I’ve never had to wait more than 6 minutes (3 people arrived just before me). Then you rotate through 13 different stations, spending 2 minutes at each station with a 15-second rest between. The first station takes me back to my youth of skipping, yes skipping. I’d like to think I look like Rocky but really I’m more like this:

After skipping we start punching, yay! then it’s kicking, core, punching, roundhouse, core and continue. The last station is in the center of the room and we get to practice all of the moves on BOB! Bob is the mannequin who has to put up with all of us beating him up each session.
A trainer is on the floor the whole time offering encouragement, advice and correcting our form.
Then it’s time for stretches and cool down.


A little sweaty selfie for you all.

Fortunately today I was straight in, with two other ladies already half way around the circuit and hitting hard. After such a long break I was eager to get going. 30 minutes later and I was done!
A quick walk home, shower, change and off to work all before 9am!
Day 1 is going great!!
Now to avoid any treats (I brought a container full of grapes to snack on instead) and get my rehab exercises in before Physio this evening!

I’m doing this! Stronger, fitter, in control, loving my body.