Sorry For Disappearing

Sorry for disappearing and my long absence.

The Excuse is …. well, I don’t really have one.  Blogging just wasn’t very “Leniproof”.  It takes a lot more energy and time than I realized and was prepared to give to it.  However, I am going to try again.

On Sunday, August 23, 2015 mrbrewvan and I suiting up and heading to the Pacific National Exhibition Park (the PNE) for the inaugural Donut Dash.  Yup, you read that right, a 5k run through the PNE whilst stuffing our little faces with mini donuts.

Some of our early morning running crew from Denman Runners

Some of our early morning running crew from Denman Runners


With a starting temp of 23C at 9am it was going to be hot and hilly.

TriEvents did not disappoint, they served up a super hilly 5k that showcased the PNE and PlayLand in all of its glory.  We got to see parts of the park I never knew existed, like a big green lake.  All of the actors and characters from the fair came out to cheer everyone on and firemen were on standby to hand out water, mini donuts and bags of candy floss at three “aid stations” along the course.  We even had a monster group warm up with the girls from GoodLife Fitness.

Warm up by Good Life Fitness

Warm up by Good Life Fitness

Donut Dash 3

Mr. Grennox and I with our medals and sweaty smiles






#PNEDonutDash BLING!

The medals were great and all in all not bad for a $25 entrance fee (we got the early bird).  For our $25 we got a cotton t-shirt, free entry into the PNE Fair on the day of the run (valued at $17 per person), a medal (see below), a bag of mini donuts and a bag of candy floss on the course (or as many as you could grab) chocolate mini donuts at the end and a fun and challenging 5k for all the family to walk/run.
After the run we headed into the PNE to check out The Fair At The PNE.  First stop was the Agriculture Hall.


Meet our new friend Llama, he was very happy to meet us.


PNE - Lambs

A few exhibits caught our attention (and I apologise to all vegetarians and those with animal sensitivities).  This really was an exhibit to explain where our meat comes from.  We got to see the prize heffer along with his before and after shots.  Don’t worry this was Leniproof, but did ensure lots of giggling and photo opportunities between Leni and friends.

Then we went to the Super Dogs.  Everyone raved about this show and insisted we went but I wasn’t impressed.  It definitely was not Leniproof.  I think in my head I expected it to be similar to the Sheep Dog Trials I had grown up with.  Instead, this was a very cheesy show watching miniature dogs do the high jump.
After escaping we rewarded ourselves by visiting the Superhero Discovery Centre.  Mr. Grennox was in his element checking out all of the classic superhero memorabilia

Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash

We even got to see how tiny our hands are next to the Hulk!!
All in all not a bad race day, spent in the sunshine with friends.
ps we both wore our medals all day 🙂
#PNEDonutDash is definitely Leniproof